Deck Beast

Lovitt's Deck Beast is the latest in deck coatings technology! Deck Beast contains micro-acrylic resins and natural oils combined with state of the art (HD) tinting system for eye popping tones that highlights the natural beauty of the wood grain, knots and character of wood. This product is easy to apply, has low odor, VOC compliant in all 50 states, and packs a defensive punch against the assault of mother nature!

Deck Beast is Available in 4 Colors

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Benefits of using Deck Beast

  • Beautiful translucent finish that highlights wood grain.
  • Designed for tough environments including high altitude and waterfront locations.
  • Easy application, water cleanup, and easy to maintain once applied.
  • Sustainable & environmentally safe, VOC compliant in all 50 states.
  • Hard-drying, deep penetrating formula does not attract dirt, dust, or pollen which can contribute to mildew formation.
  • Uniquely durable, non flammable and tough against wear.
  • Does not have to be removed prior to maintenance coat-REAPPLY as needed.

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